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icons by dear prudence

icons by dear_prudence
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icons by dear_prudence: fandom and stock.

w e l c o m e

thanks for dropping by to check out my icons.
please don't ask to join this community. it is a personal comm, and not open for membership. you are most welcome to friend and watch it if you would like to keep up to date with posts.

please note:
o1. all icons posted here are free to share, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the specific post
o2. if you would like to use one of my icons, please comment when you take it, and credit in your keywords. if you are unsure of how to credit, i explain it simply here.
o3. my screencaps are also free to share. if you take any, please credit in resource post, or similar.
o4. hotlinkers will be chased out of town with torches and pitchforks.
o5. textless icons are not bases. do not alter any icons you find here.

fandoms & subjects
f a n d o m s & s u b j e c t s

as time goes by | bbc tv shows | billie piper | david tennant | harry potter | jane austen | monarch of the glen | pride and prejudice | richard armitage | the beatles | vicar of dibley | john simm | life on mars

i also make lots of stock icons, usually inspired by nature.
useful things
u s e f u l t h i n g s

here is a list of my affiliates. please comment on that entry if you would like to be considered as an affiliate with this journal.

you can find a list of the resources i use, including screencaps, here.

if you'd like to see a particular theme, actor, topic or fandom iconned, you can make a suggestion at the suggestion box at any time.

and finally...
a n d f i n a l l y . . .

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